South Pomfret, Vermont
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Visual Arts Classes

Welcome to the Arts Classes for Adults and Teens at ArtisTree! We hope you find What you're looking for here and if not.. please let us know!

No Classes Meet Your Selection
Join our painting group and venture outside weekly to paint the beautiful surrounding Vermont landscape with fellow artists.
Discover how brushwork can add texture, direction, and movement to your paintings.
Open Studio is a self-directed time to work in our well-equipped ceramics studio.
The best way to move your throwing skills along is to work every day on the wheel with great instruction.
Learn to "see" and draw our beautiful landscapes in this engaging course.
Deepen your drawing skills through a week of focus on the human face.
Join us to learn a variety of strategies for drawing the clothed human figure.
Enjoy a convivial studio among the company of fellow artists and practice your life drawing skills in this monitored group drawing session.
Learn about 18th and 19th century floorcloths and create a historically accurate masterpiece of your own.
Learn to sharpen your attention to proportion, light, and accuracy via this time-honored method.
Come meet new people who share your interest in making art.
Venture outdoors to paint the natural beauty surrounding you.
Explore the wonderful world of painting in this class for Thompson Senior Center participants.
Discover the art of sumi-e and the world of Japanese ink painting.
Hone your welding skills in this open format, supervised class.