South Pomfret, Vermont
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Visual Arts Classes

Welcome to the Arts Classes for Adults and Teens at ArtisTree! We hope you find What you're looking for here and if not.. please let us know!

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Join the camaraderie as Rae guides and engages new and experienced students alike.
These one-day retreats explore the nature of the mind, body, and heart using traditional mindfulness practices with the creative arts.
Grow your understanding of how to mix color, apply it in different media, and speak through it in your artwork.
Learn simple techniques, explore new materials, and see how dry media can be transformed with creative mixed media techniques.
Sample a variety of wet and dry media and experiment with drawing, decoupage, collage, and transfer techniques.
Learn simple techniques, try out new materials, and see how enjoyable wet media is to use in drawing.
Learn the basics of wheel throwing!
Learn the foundations of painting in a fun and supportive environment.
Learn to throw larger pieces of clay and make a beautiful berry bowl and resting plate.
Learn the time-honored tradition of using fabric scraps to create a beautiful rag rug.
ArtisTree Community Arts Center and Spectrum Teen Center present a special series just for TEENS!
Join us to build large outdoor sculptures for the ArtisTree campus using the new modeling cement Pal Tiya Premium.
Open Studio is a self-directed time to work in our well-equipped ceramics studio.
Explore new possibilities with handbuilding techniques in this project-driven class.
Deepen and broaden your sculpting in this advanced beginner freestanding sculpture class.
Join a pop-up Valentine's Day card-making workshop!
Five-week drawing skills class, or independent study? You get to choose!
Join us to explore drawing technique and, more importantly, a new mindset to help you develop as an artist.
Discover experimental watercolor techniques that Margaret has developed over decades of painting.
Discover how to capture the form, scale, and character of your subject in watercolor.
Enjoy a convivial studio among the company of fellow artists and practice your life drawing skills in this monitored group drawing session.
Interested in clay Open Studio but need hands-on support? This is the class for you!
Keep it simple and learn how to gesture paint from your favorite photos.
Design, cut, and create your own kiln-formed glass tile in this introductory class.
Deepen your understanding about clay surfaces in this thorough examination of ceramic glazing.
Join us in to create in the Ceramics Studio in celebration of this international event.
Create lovely, rustic planting containers that will age beautifully in your garden.
Discover the timeless beauty of indigo, one of the oldest dyes to be used for textile dyeing and printing.
Design and build your own weatherproof artwork using a cement-based sculpture medium.
Learn the basics of hand papermaking as we explore basic techniques and experiment with using different flowers and other botanical ingredients.
Get started with MIG welders, brazing techniques, and more in this beginner class.
This class is a basic introduction to working in wood with hand and power tools.
Come delve into the history of color, how color is perceived, and how we can use color to make our painting more interesting, vivid, and emotionally charged.
Discover the world of welding in this introductory class.
Work in the copper foil method and create a beautiful stained glass window.
Build an impressive detailed scale model with step-by-step instructions!
Using colorful glass and ceramic tiles, create your very own mosaic garden artwork.
Discover the beautiful alchemy of painting with organic mineral pigments and egg yolk.
Discover amazing painting techniques in acrylic and handmade egg tempera.
Learn to show highlights, shadows, and reflections on silver and glass to make your paintings shine.
Explore the wonderful world of painting in this class for Thompson Senior Center participants.
In our weekly monitored sessions, painters focus on their own work in the company of others.
Make your own batch of paper clay and learn about its amazing versatility.
Learn to slow down, de-stress, and see your everyday life anew using the techniques provided in this class.
Sharon Academy students are invited to learn different techniques for printmaking.
Join us to find new freedom to tap into your creativity, discover a deeper connection to yourself, and expand your artistic possibilities.
Bring your own bisque-fired pots to be glazed and fired in a raku kiln.
Learn techniques for working with stained glass in this introductory-level class.
Explore solid building on steel armatures to create evocative animal sculptures.
Discover the time-honored tradition of Japanese ink painting.
Have some experience cooking? Get ready for some serious food fun.
Learn how to decorate your pottery with beautiful hand lettering.
Have you ever wanted to learn the beautiful art of calligraphy? Now is your chance.
Learn about the many different color choices available in watercolor and how to use them effectively to improve your painting.
Put the focus on your subject matter by exploring the depth and space around it.
Discover the underpainting and glazing process that allows color to sing and makes complex subjects more accessible.
Beginners as well as seasoned scrappers are invited to join this stress-free and creative class.
Create your own unique scarf through the technique of nuno felting.
Learn and practice your throwing skills in our ceramics studio.
Find your voice in clay and enhance your skills in wheel throwing.