South Pomfret, Vermont
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Artistree/Purple Crayon is a non-profit committed to making creative expression and its appreciation accessible to our community.

Music Performances

Two strong voices blend to create haunting harmonies, while they artfully juggle fiddle, banjo, guitar and mandolin, and incorporate traditional dance and foot percussion as part of their performance.
Paul Asbell’s “Burmese Panther” is the culmination of several years of composing, arranging, and fine-tuning his original compositions with a regular group of world-class players.
An early summer afternoon performance of both traditional and original music for kora--a 21-stringed harp from the Mandé region of West Africa--in duet with local musicians on guitar, bassoon, piri and didjeridoo.


Featuring over twenty beautifully hand-crafted marionettes, The Fairy Circus is a showcase for turn-of-the-century-style trick puppetry.
In honor of Earth Day this April we will be showing the documentary film WASTE LAND on the big screen at the Grange Theatre.
The premiere improvisational comedy troupe of the Upper Valley comes to the Grange Theatre!


An exhibit of works by local artists interpreting and inspired by the theme: MUD
The paintings allude to the botanical garden as an abstract fantasy. They use the vocabulary and conventions of abstraction but are deeply rooted in an experience of the body and the world. In a way, they…
Featuring the works of Betsy Goldsborough (1929-2018), Brenda Phillips (1956-2018), Margaret McCracken (1952-2019)

Artistree News

If you don't know about the Uzu app... let me show you!
If you are fortunate enough to find yourself in the studio with Charlet, pull up a stool and enjoy.
Enjoy this craft. You can make it as simple or as complicated as you like. It is diverse for all ages and abilities. Get lost in the process and feel the joy when you display the product for yourself or give it to a lucky person in your life.