South Pomfret, Vermont
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Theatre Arts

Welcome to the Arts Classes at ArtisTree! We're about Art for everyone! All ages and interests. We hope you find What you're looking for here and if not.. please let us know!

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Want some acting coaching for that musical theatre song you love? This is the class for you.
Develop the skills required to bring a character to life!
Learn theatrical techniques and skills for performing authentic stage scenes.
Experience the excitement of working on a scripted play and performing in the Grange Theatre.
Gain basic fencing techniques and training to prepare you for staged swordplay!
Brush up on your acting skills to make musical numbers come alive.
Learn how to safely and effectively execute basic stage combat skills.
Learn stage makeup basics and how to achieve theatrical effects with drugstore products.
You’ll have so much fun you won’t realize you’re learning the basics of acting.
Learn to think on your feet! Step out of your shell and add some spontaneity to your life as you learn the basics of improv.