Jyl Emerson

Jyl Emerson is a representational artist with a realistic style. Her personality is not made to follow the norm or to specialize in just one genre. She has a vast interest that inspires her to paint, whether it is a soulful look from one of our horses, the way the sun plays across the Vermont Green Mountains or watching people live with nature. Although animals inspire her the most for her paintings, at any time, you might find a still life, a landscape, a house portrait, portraits of people or architectural illustrations in her studio. She chooses the medium that resonates best with the subject. She invites the observer to "feel" with their eyes, to feel the crispness of a polished apple, the coolness of china, the texture of linen, the softness of a horses muzzle or the silkiness of a dogs coat. She paints what inspires her and she also paint what inspires you. She loves painting animal portraits (past or present). Capturing the essence of the animal, in particular their eyes. The window to their soul. More of her work and information can be found on her website: www. jylemerson.com