Inspired by Nature: David Stearns Retrospective

The work and life of David Stearns.

This exhibit will feature David Stearns' artwork and will provide a glimpse of his life and career. His unique knotted tapestries and vessels will be shown alongside his tools and work that was in progress. In addition, David's family has loaned some of his early woodcut prints, photos, and writings, to round out this portrait of a well-lived life of creativity and beauty.

David Stearns lived in Bridgewater, VT, surrounded by his ever-expanding garden, the woods, and meadows of his tranquil Vermont home. His art is rooted in interpretive expressions of the natural world. He used waxed linen threads, reeds, cane, bamboo, and beads as his "paint", knotting and weaving as his "brushes". He was influenced by Asian, African, and Native American artistic traditions, while he developed his own distinctive techniques and style.

This exhibit will be held in conjunction with Dialogue: Lindenfeld + Lindenfeld
April 22 - May 21, 2022.

The Artistree Community Gallery wishes to thank Janet Stearns and the estate of David Stearns for providing this opportunity to exhibit David's work and to share his remarkable art.

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Inspired by Nature: David Stearns - a retrospective

April 22 - May 21, 2022

Gallery hours:
Tuesday-Saturday 10-6

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