Gil Perry

Gil Perry's art is all about en plein air with his kind and detailed soft touch.

From the early 70's until the late 80's my main focus was on drawing. Selling my work to John D Merriam, a collector of black and white fantasy and visionary drawings until his death in the late 80's. His collection is now part of the Boston Public Library. In 1989 after working in black and white for many years I wanted to work in color. Fran Weston Hoyt introduced me to the painting principles of her teacher Frank Vincent DuMond, a noted American Impressionist painter (1865-1951) who developed a carefully controlled premixed prismatic palette to capture the effects of light in nature. She offered to teach me everything she knew about color if I came and painted landscapes with her. For the past 27 years I have been working in the landscape tradition of painting in the open air exploring new ways to express the poetry of light through the changing seasons. Through my drawings and paintings I hope to awaken the imagination, an emotion, or sense of wonder in the viewer. Whether it be a black and white imaginary drawing or a landscape in oils the creative process is a continual joy for me.