South Pomfret, Vermont
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Creative Wellness

Creative Wellness programming is intended for those seeking a focused, personal growth experience through a given art form. We hope you find What you're looking for here and if not.. please let us know!

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Looking for a special gift? An ArtisTree Gift Certificate is your answer! Give the gift of ART!
Join us for one-day retreats to explore traditional mindfulness practices integrated with the creative arts.
This meditation group will explore the archetypes of the Greek Goddesses using the intuitive and mindful connections between contemplative practice (sitting meditation) and creative practice (drawing, painting, sculpting, writing, etc) in an atmosphere of silence and quiet sharing.
Explore ways to heal emotional pain and loss through the expressive arts.
Get Cool After School is a children's support group focused on helping develop social skills for positive relationships and positive self-regard.
Explore how the arts can help provide a creative channel for grief.
Gain insight into the emotional and intuitive part of yourself through this visual journaling class based on the book Visual Journaling: Going Deeper Than Words.