Cover to Cover: Book Lab Explorations

The Book Lab is a group of nine Vermont-based women who specialize in book arts. They meet regularly to critique one another's work, collaborate on projects, and provide support as they explore the many ways a Book can be Art.

The artists of the Book Lab are Rebecca Boardman, Elissa R. Campbell, Dorsey Hogg, Marilyn Gillis, Debra A. Kraemer, Ann Joppe-Mercure, Vera Ryerbach, Penne Tompkins, and Marcia Vogler. Cover to Cover: Book Lab Explorations is our featured exhibit within Unbound vol.X. Each individual artist is exhibiting their own work, and the Book Lab is also showing collaborative pieces they have co-created.

1st: The Big Adventure by Chuck Kidwell
2nd: Within My Garden Grow by Debra A Kraemer
3rd: There Are No Human Races by Rebecca Boardman

Most of these pieces are hard to convey with just one photo! They can be unfolded, manipulated, and "read". Please see them in person if at all possible!

Exhibit Info

Cover to Cover: Book Lab Explorations

featured artists in Unbound X

Opening reception June 24
4:30 - 6:30 pm
Book Lab artists' talk at 5:30!

Closing Celebration July 16
6:00 - 8:00 pm

How to find us