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Dear Beloved Community,

We are so grateful for you and your commitment to the arts. Your generosity inspires our work.

It's that time of year when we're all bombarded with asks from charitable organizations.

While we wish we didn't have to be one of those voices, the reality is that an arts nonprofit can't continue our mission-driven work without help.

Please consider Artistree in your year-end giving.

Why? Because Artistree donors make a significant impact on our community.

Please scroll down to read an email we received from Doug "H" Heavisides, principal of The Wilder School in Hartford, VT. The school specializes in educating students with autism and severe behavioral disabilities. Each week, Artistree’s Outreach Coordinator Finnie Trimpi teaches art lessons at The Wilder School.

“Hi Karen and Finnie.

I want to share this with you.

Parents and buses stop in the morning to bring students who, on any given day, may not be faring so well. Last week, that indeed was the scene: Sean (not his real name) sat in his father’s car, refusing to get out to come into school.

He said, ‘I hate today. I hate school. I’m not going in.’

I said, ‘Today is an Artistree day, though, and Finnie will be here.’

The energy in the moment changed. Sean’s shoulders relaxed and his body turned toward the school. He made eye contact and said, ‘I guess I’ll come in.’ He then exited the car with a bit of hop in his step.

And there it is. The effect Artistree and Finnie and art have on The Wilder School: they make difficult things easier, including days when leaving the car seems like an impossible task. I love my school and am so grateful that ours is one of the many programs to benefit from Artistree’s outreach. That ‘benefit’ is immeasurable. Not only in the peace it brings to our school community, but also financially. Our budget could never absorb the actual cost of providing this class to Sean and the other students.

Thank you, Artistree. Thank you a million times.

Doug ‘H’ Heavisides”

Again and again we see the benefits of creative pathways in our communities. 

From the start, Artistree has worked with the vision to maintain and expand access to the arts in our community. By running off-campus programs, we reach individuals and families where they live, work, and learn.

Will you support Artistree and help build a healthy and robust community, one that fosters connection, wellness, inspiration, and growth through the arts?

Will you join us to support arts programs and financial scholarships?

Please consider a donation to Artistree. Artistree is a 501(c)(3) organization and your gift is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. (EIN 55-0886480)

Thank you, thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

With gratitude, as always,

Karen Rodis

Development Director

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