Featured Artist Robert O'Brien

I know, it looks like a photograph on the computer. You must see this incredible watercolor by Robert O'Brien, on exhibit in the gallery until April 16. You will be amazed at the crisp definition he somehow achieves through the interplay of the light and the shadows. How his transparent layers somehow never become muddy. How the piece somehow glows...

We've been pleased to exhibit Robert's work since his pieces were a highlight of last year's "Flower Festival" exhibit. Robert is a member of the American, National, and New England Watercolor Societies, and has been a watercolorist for 40+ years. He's won dozens of awards and received many accolades - learn about those here - http://robertjobrien.com/.

And we are very excited to announce that Robert will be teaching an all-day workshop in August. Please stay tuned for the details!