Daily Artists 2021

The Daily Artists 2020 exhibit is on view in the Gallery now until February 20.
Our gallery is open Tues-Sat 10-4, and 24/7 online at

2021 will be the seventh year that Artistree has hosted the Daily Artists group. Initially known as the Daily Painters, the group now is open to any and all media, but we are primarily focussed on visual artistic practices.

What does it mean to be a Daily Artist? The intention is to make art of some kind each and every day of the year. This is an individual commitment, yours to make to yourself, but the group exists to encourage and support one another. No one is policing your daily output!

Working daily can take on many different forms, from a quick sketch to an all-nighter in the studio. You do not have to complete a piece every day, but you should be working every day, even if working means seeing a great exhibit in a museum, searching for new materials online, cleaning up your studio, or writing in your journal.

Although making art daily is up to the individual participants, there is a group component. Artists are encouraged to share their work through Flickr, where we will have a Artistree Daily Artists 2021 page for members to post their own work, and to comment on other’s (you need to request access, and then you share from your own page). Many artists post images of their work-in-progress, others post completed pieces. We suggest you post at least once a week - please contact me for Flickr help, if you are unfamiliar with how it works. Note that there is a limit of 1000 images (I believe) that Flickr allows you to post to your page for free - long-time users may need to delete old images from their page or establish a new one.

Also, we usually gather in-person 6-8 times/year, for artist talks and fellowship. Our first meeting for 2021 will be via Zoom, but as the weather gets warmer we will be planning some safe in-person meetings. Sign up here to be part of our Daily Artist group for 2021!!

The culmination of the Daily Artists' year is a group exhibition of selected pieces, chosen by each artist to represent what they accomplished through their daily practice. Please stop into the Gallery to see the remarkable work of last year’s Daily Artists, and to appreciate their achievements!

Deborah Goodwin
Exhibits coordinator/ Daily Artist 2017 & 2021