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Kathleen, Finnie, Lisa, Ashley, Karen, Wendy and Marie get creative in quarantine.

Follow along at home!

Storytime with Ashley

Creativity in Quarantine with ArtisTree! (No materials needed) Rabbit has never had a wish before, but one day he gets not just one, but three! Wish is a touching story about the power of kindness and the magic of friendship, with beautiful and emotive illustrations from Chris Saunders. Click here.

Join Kathleen of Artistree to create a collage inspired by the illustrations by Leo Lionni's book.

Leo Lionni's Caldecott Honor-winning story about a little mouse who gathers something unusual for the long winter is celebrating its fiftieth birthday Winter is coming, and all the mice are gathering food . . . except for Frederick.

Cardboard or Matte board
Textured material such as oatmeal or pencil sharpener shavings
Pine cones, acorn tops or other natural items
Construction or craft paper and/or newspaper
Glue stick or Elmers glue
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How to Make a Stick Friend

1) go for a walk to collect sticks, dried pods, etc. Find things that interest you and can be used for eyes, hair, noses, etc.
2) collect yarn, string, ribbon
3) have your glue gun warm and handy!
4) wrap yarn/ribbon around the bottom half (think pants) secure with hot glue - you can wrap all the way to the end of the stick if you want
5) wrap yarn/ribbon around top half, leave about 1” to the top (think shirt)
*if you want to add arms cross a smaller stick across the “body” stick and wrap yarn in an “x” pattern to attach. Wrap yarn/ribbon down each arm - secure with hot glue
6) add details for face

Play with your new friends, stick them in your house plants...make big ones and put them outside in your snowbanks or gardens!
Have fun! Click here.

Sock Bunnies with Sophia and Karen

Looking for some Easter inspiration? Or a simple spring project to make with the kids? It's hard to get cuter than the sock bunnies in this how-to instructional video by ArtisTree staff (and family) as part of our "Creativity in Quarantine" series! To make a sock bunny you need: a sock, rice, string, a glass, scissors, markers, and whatever you can think of to accessorize your bunny (or puppy or kitty)! Click Here.

Join ArtisTree instructor Finnie in creating little colorful spring birds from home!

Acrylic Paint
Cotton Balls
Glue stick

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Gone Fishin' Art and Play

Materials list:
Hole Punch
Straws (or chopsticks or sticks for fishing pole)
Washtub or casserole dish
Sand or gravel or rice
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Foil Figures with Lisa

Let's have fun with foil! In this installment of "Creativity in Quarantine" ArtisTree staff member, Lisa, shows us how to make easy foil figures that you can bend and shape into creative poses. We'd love to see your results in the comments section below! Also, if you're feeling extra creative, why not make a foil elephant, or T-Rex, or whatever creature inspires you. All you need is aluminum foil, scissors, glue (hot glue best), cardboard, and imagination! Click here.

Silly Chicks with Finnie

CREATIVITY IN QUARANTINE with ArtisTree: Silly Chicks! Here's a fun and easy activity to do with young artists (or young at heart artists!) just in time for Easter - or anytime you're in the mood for a smile. get to paint with a FORK?! To complete this project you'll need paint, colored paper, glue, googly eyes (optional) and a plastic fork. Have fun! Share your pictures with us in the comments section, too! #artistree #creativityinquarantine
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Gerald the Giraffe with Finnie!

Do you think giraffes can dance? Find out for yourself in the story GIRAFFES CAN'T DANCE by Giles Andreae with illustrations by Guy Parker-Rees. After listening to the story, have fun making Gerald the dancing giraffe following ArtisTree's "Creativity in Quarantine" how-to video! Story link and materials list below!

Link to animated story:

Materials for art project:
Paper (use watercolor paper if using markers and water)
Markers or colored pencils

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Styrofoam Tray Stamps

Learn how to make a fun stamp using a styrofoam tray and other items you have around the house in this installment of "Creativity in Quarantine" with ArtisTree staff!
Styrofoam tray
Washable markers
Paint Brush

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Collagraph with Lisa!

CREATIVITY IN QUARANTINE with ArtisTree: This is a great project to make with items you have laying around the house! To make a callograph (a type of collage) look for found items (cardboard, buttons, ribbon, etc) and glue them to a flat piece of cardboard. Watch the video to see what to do next! Materials: Glue, scissors, crayons, found objects, cardboard, markers (optional), water and brush (optional). Have fun! #creativityinquarantine #artistree
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Doodle time with Fig and Marie

A little doodle session with Marie, Fig and Ian to break the boredom! Grab a sketchbook and some markers or a pen and create!
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Stay tuned for more creative ideas and projects from the team at ArtisTree! Click here.