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The Latest News from The Daily Artists

Daily Artists share about their arts practices and processes in their new gallery exhibit.

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Wassail Weekend 2022 at Artistree

Artistree's two festive events enriched Woodstock's 38th annual celebration.

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Artistree's Daily Artists Group

What it means to be a "Daily Artist"

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Arts Impact Grant Supports Artistree Outreach

Enthusiasm abounds at Zack's Place, a Woodstock, VT enrichment center for people with severe physical, emotional, and cognitive special needs.

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January Featured Artist

Jennifer Dembinski was the featured artist for January 2022. Jenny has been a member of the Daily Artists for the past 6 years.

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Daily Artists 2021

Artistree's Daily Artists is a group of artists that commit to making art each and every day of the year.

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Art at Home with Artistree

The staff at Artistree leads us through some creative ideas while in quarantine!

Local Artists

'They All Blend Together': Katie Runde, Renaissance Woman

It's hard to define Katie Runde as anything other than a Renaissance woman. The 34-year-old describes herself as a realist painter, saxophonist and spiritual thinker who sometimes preaches at her local church.

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Setting up for success with Plein Air Painting!

Painting outdoors in the open air can be a frustrating and discouraging experience for a beginner. Even the most advanced plein air painters have experienced some overwhelming feelings when they first began painting outdoors. However you will discover that the struggles and initial failures are totally worth it.

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Deborah Goodwin

Apparel Designer turned Sculptor: Learn more about instructor and artist Deborah Goodwin