South Pomfret, Vermont
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Writing Great Fiction: Six Elements of Great Scene Structure

Explore the six elements of great scene structure.

Taught by a professional editor, this class will give you the fundamentals of proper scene and story structure to get your writing in great shape. Scenes are perhaps the most important unit of storytelling because of how they advance plots and build global narrative. All good scenes have a common set of underlying principles that make them work. Abiding by these principles helps guide the reader through the crescendo of action in your scene to add to the reader’s overall engagement with the story. 

This class will introduce the six elements that a scene must have in order for it to be effective and the proper structural arc to be in place. This workshop will define and explore each element of scene structure and look at how these elements operate successfully in a story, using examples from literature and film. Each attendee will build a short story scene and receive editorial feedback. Attendees will leave with extensive course materials and a clear understanding of what makes a scene work and how to apply these principles in their own writing. 

Please plan to bring pen/paper or a laptop to write with and take notes. This class will elevate your craft!

Michael Piekny is the Acquiring Editor for Encircle Publications, an independent press publishing a wide variety of titles.  At Encircle, Michael is primarily responsible for acquiring, editing, and promoting the press’s titles, as well as business development in industry.  He previously founded his own professional editorial agency, Hub Edits, where he worked with clients on various projects including editing, ghostwriting, and author development.  His traditionally published and self-published clients have been featured on numerous book lists and bestseller lists.  In addition to this, Michael also serves in an advisory capacity to InkWell Publishers, an independent press, where he provides editorial consulting on stories and submissions.  Michael is on the Board of Directors of the Independent Publishers of New England and on the Editorial Board of the online literary journal, The Fictional Café.  He can be found at