South Pomfret, Vermont
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Writing Café: Your Dedicated Time for Writing

This course is offered as a virtual class.

Having trouble being disciplined about making time to write? Miss writing with the comfort of others nearby in a café, restaurant, or library? Join our weekly group writing session! Many novels have been written in the atmosphere of the café. It has been proven that often writers feel more stress while writing alone. Come feel good sharing your time with us as you write your manuscript and sip your own coffee or tea. Each class will begin with 5 minutes of checking in and getting focused, and then participants will write in silence for 45 minutes on whatever they choose. We’ll wrap up with 10 minutes to share or just check in. Please come to class with all the writing materials you will need.

This class will be live-streamed. We will send you details about how to access your class before the class meeting. Technology requirements for participants:

1. High speed internet connection

2. Electronic device (laptop recommended) with working camera, microphone, and speakers

For more information about Artistree virtual classes, please contact Karen Rodis at 802-457-3500 and

Charlotte Donaldson has pursued art, design, and teaching throughout her life. She holds a B.A. in Fine Art from St. Andrew’s Presbyterian College, attended a year of graduate school at Dartmouth, and has taken many other courses over the years. Years ago Charlotte sought a book that could help her ignite her memories and guide her autobiographical writing. Not finding the exact kind of book she wanted, she wrote Life’s Workbook: How to Write Your Autobiography Through Memoir Writing, a straightforward outline of questions for creating short memoirs about all aspects of life. Charlotte is passionate about supporting others in rekindling and writing about their memories. She currently lives in Woodstock, VT.