South Pomfret, Vermont
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West African Dance from Guinea

Experience the richness of traditional Guinean dance and music with Lev and Sayon Camara.

Move to West African rhythms in an evening of village dance with Lev Camara and live drumming by Sayon Camara. Learn about the dance and music of Sayon’s natal village in the heart of Guinea, and experience the richness of his traditional culture, inner joy, and a sense of well-being. These ancient dances are accessible to everyone! All are welcome! Whether you are 2 or 102 there is something for you in this class. Wear comfortable, loose clothing to move in.

Note: this class is part of a series with Sayon and Lev Camara. On May 1 Sayon and Lev teach the workshop West African Dance from Guinea, and on May 22 they present the event West African Evening: Drum, Dance and Concert. Check the ArtisTree website for details.

Lev Camara is incredibly passionate about dance. When asked, she states emphatically, “I love to dance!” After studying many dance forms throughout her life, Lev came to West African dance in 2008. She started her West African journey studying with Famoudou Konate’s daughters, Diaka and Koria Konate, Famoudou's daughter-in-law, Sire Diallo, and the legendary Fanta Korosi, a well respected and much loved griot, dancer, and one of the earliest Guinean dancers to be involved in West African theatrical productions of dance. Currently, Lev’s main focus of interest is the traditional village dances of the Sankaran Malinke people of Guinea. When she travels to Guinea, she studies with Saran Conde of Kouroussa, Guinea, a dancer of unparalleled dignity, grace and joy, who dances with Ballet Africans. Lev strives to honor and pass on as best she can, the traditions of Guinean dance as shown to her and hopes to lovingly bring the full spirit that Malinke village dance embodies, to her students.