South Pomfret, Vermont
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Wendy Seiple

Events and Marketing Coordinator
Wendy Seiple, Event & Marketing Coordinator, enjoys getting lost in various design projects here at Artistree.

Wendy took a serendipitous and winding road before finding herself at Artistree, where she is extremely happy to be working with such talented and inspiring people. Largely self-taught with some lucky breaks along the way, over the last ten years Wendy has enjoyed pursuing her graphic design work with a focus on the non-profit art and music sector. She’s been fortunate to work with both music icons and up-and-coming musicians and artists, all of whom have given her challenging but rewarding opportunities to push her skills and deepen her appreciation for the value of art in all its forms. She currently enjoys getting lost in design projects at Artistree, while learning new things on an almost daily basis. Wendy lives in Woodstock with her two wonderful boys and their two ridiculous dogs.

You can reach Wendy via email at or call 802-457-3500 x 112.