South Pomfret, Vermont
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Vinyasa Yoga

Experience yoga for beginners and experienced yogis.

This Vinyasa yoga class is gentle enough for beginners while challenging enough for experienced yoga practitioners. We will focus on alignment and stretch in balance and harmony. No experience needed.

In Vinyasa style yoga, we move with breath to reach a peak pose. While the body goes through a range of motion, the mind stays quiet and in a relaxed state of learning to stay present. Each pose will be met with the correct alignment encouraging students to find peace in their boundaries. 

Yoga is an experience, it is your journey and important to feel the sensation of your body and connect mind and body. 

Please wear comfortable attire. 

Tomoko Liguori was born and raised in Kamakura, Japan. Always passionate about yoga, she has been a practitioner for over 30 years. Tomoko completed her yoga teacher training in 2010 under Michael Gilbert, who specializes in structural integration, and finished an Advanced Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training (300 hours) in June 2015. Since moving to Woodstock in 2011, Tomoko has been teaching at several sites in the Upper Valley, including the Woodstock Recreation Center, Zack’s Place, The Quechee Club, and River Valley Club. Tomoko believes yoga is beneficial to everyone regardless of age, flexibility, or strength.