South Pomfret, Vermont
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A juried show of artists from the northeast looking to explore "the book" as concept, object and format. List of accepted work is now up!

The broad theme of "UNBOUND VOL. IX" encompasses all of the possibilities of what we may think or may not think a "book" is. Is it story? An entry to another world? An exploration? What does it indicate? This juried show looks to explore this idea of "the book" and all the ways artists use that format as a stepping-off point or as material to explore new ideas.

Opening Reception: Friday July 26th, 5:30-7:30pm
Exhibit Dates: July 26th - August 24th 

Opening in conjunction with the kick off of Bookstock! Please visit for more information about this great event!

Accepted works for Unbound vol. IX

Ann Joppe-Mercure: Mapping a Sense of Place – Italy
Barbara Abraham: The Only Thing
Barbara Bartlett: Anthropologies Written by Nature, #2,3,4  |  Fragments  |  Echoes
Carole McNamee: For the Birds  |  Navigating
Carole P. Kunstadt: PRESSING ON: Homage to Hannah More, No. 83  |  PRESSING ON: Homage to Hannah More, No. 91  |  PRESSING ON: Homage to Hannah More, No. 106
Chris Perry: 181 Ripples: spigot
Chris Revelle: A Letter for Sonia Sanchez
Debra Kraemer: Canyon Lands  |  Ebony & Ovary
Dorsey Hogg: A discarded Universe  |  Carefully Bound  |  Snapshots
Elissa Campbell: Fine Art
Iris Grimm: 52 hertz  |  Last Days of Winter  |  Peep Show
Laura Holland: Domestic Industrial
Laurel Rogers: Japan Street Art
Laurie Alpert: Pivoting Piano Keys
Marcia Vogler: Time Traveler’s Coat  |  Vinyl Records: a brief history of vinyl and the Ten Best Selling Albums of All Time  |  Family Ties
Nina Gaby: Unsent  |  If Counting Betrayed Disaster
Rebecca Boardman: 45 Lies  |  Collage Book – Untitled
Sloane Dawson: Words on Wheels
Sondra Graff: Recto/Verso, a non-linear pause
Sophie Arnold: Yearbook
W. David Powell: The Minutes of the Radiolarian Society  |  1_ Hippopotamus 2_ Rein Deer 3_ Elk
Charlet Davenport: Novel First and Last Words
Wayne Thompson: Closed
Linda Hanauer: Worn Volumes
Matthew Monk: 12 Books  |  35 Color Covers
Sarah Smith: Units
Anita Gangi Balkun: Ambling
Alexandra Riesco: Arch Formation  |  Nexilitatum
Andre Bassuet: Bare Roots  |  Entangled
Norman Taber: On the Night
Marilyn Syme: Definition Dress
A.S. McGuffin: Your Words Were Found So I Ate Them
Anne Stiebing: Inside
Annie Silverman: Ladder Dance
Melanie Mowinski: The Butterfly Effect
Tory Taber: Cover:In a Dark Garden
Rene Gerrior: Unbound