South Pomfret, Vermont
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Cover to Cover: Book Lab Explorations

The Book Lab is a group of nine Vermont-based women who specialize in book arts. They meet regularly to critique one another's work, collaborate on projects, and provide support as they explore the many ways a Book can be Art.

Floating Circles - a collaboration by the Book Lab

The artists of the Book Lab are Rebecca Boardman, Elissa R. Campbell, Dorsey Hogg, Marilyn Gillis, Debra A. Kraemer, Ann Joppe-Mercure, Vera Ryerbach, Penne Tompkins, and Marcia Vogler. Cover to Cover: Book Lab Explorations is our featured exhibit within Unbound vol.X.  Each individual artist is exhibiting their own work, and the Book Lab is also showing collaborative pieces they have co-created. 

Most of these pieces are hard to convey with just one photo! They can be unfolded, manipulated, and "read". Please see them in person if at all possible!