South Pomfret, Vermont
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Timeless Ephemera Jewelry

Make beautiful soldered jewelry or ornaments with unique vintage papers pressed between glass.

Ephemera jewelry is created by pressing vintage paper memorabilia between glass. Come learn to make soldered jewelry or ornaments with lead-free silver solder and copper foil. A large selection of vintage papers will be provided and, to top them off, you can adorn your pieces by hanging beads and jewels. These unique works of art will make lovely decorations for your home or gifts for your loved ones.

Dayna Sabatino studied stained glass in the Bay Area of California where she worked in all aspects of the industry. Building artworks one piece of beautiful glass at a time was a natural fit for her. Over the years there she taught courses in many techniques of stained glass and mosaic art, built commissioned works on her own and for other artists, and performed restorations, from small lampshades to large church windows. After returning to the East Coast, she landed in Vermont where she married her husband and became a mother. Currently, when not busy working on their homestead, Dayna is creating one-of-a-kind works of glass art, taking commissions, and teaching workshops around New England. For more about Dayna, visit