South Pomfret, Vermont
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The Beauty of Symmetry

Why do we like symmetry so much? I can only give my perspective, but I seem to like the order of the patterns that is revealed naturally; somehow, it grounds me. Studies have shown that humans find that the more symmetrical a person's face, the more attractive it is. So... symmetry is sexy! And boy am I about to show you some sexy symmetrical images! (Ok... not really, but if you find these images sexy, rock on my friend!)

I challenge you to create your own symmetrical art. Download the free app Layout, and use the mirror image feature on a photo that you took, and find some magic. Here's a mirror image of some trees on a sunny autumn day. With my paraidolia, I see a face, with a shiny bright nose.

symmetry of trees 

By mirroring this tree, its totem is revealed.

symmetry of trees

Here's a closer look...


With this image, after using the mirror feature in Layout, I used the smooth filter in Superphoto, did some digital sculpting and color changes in Enlight, and some final painting touches in Procreate. A warrior or soldier like creature emerged, but I gave its face a softer look.

tree soldier, attention

In this image, I saw a dragon, so I brought out those features. Layout, Superphoto, Enlight and Procreate apps were used.

dragons do exist

Use the mirror feature on your digital art too. Here, after creating a painting in the Procreate app, I mirrored the image in Layout. Again with my paraidolia, I saw an alien's face, so I went with it. I digitally sculpted more of the features in Enlight and added some final touches back again in the Procreate app.

alien encounter

And lastly, by mirroring a simple doodle, all sorts of fun creatures emerged in this one. What do you see in this image? I see elephants, fish, squirrels, frogs and some other strange things. Paintjoy, Procreate and Layout apps were used.

funky and fun doodle

I encourage you to mirror some of your images to reveal their magic. Have fun.

Yours truly,

Diana Mellar

Diana Mellar is the Administrative Manager at Artistree.