South Pomfret, Vermont
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The Art of Touch: Massage for Self and Others

Join massage therapist Stefanie van Gulden as she explores techniques and protocols in self-massage and massage of others.

In western cultures, we often think of healing as a practice rooted primarily in science. In this course, Stefanie will help students of all abilities explore the balance between the science of anatomy and the art of touch.

Join us as we explore techniques and protocols in self massage and massage of others. You’ll learn how to recognize different touches, what they feel like and do, and how to use your hands with feeling. 

Stefanie van Gulden entered the field of bodywork through a career in social work: running and directing a respite care program for disabled children and adults, as well as a family homeless shelter. It was during this time she realized the importance of touch and the impact that the lack of safe touch can have on an individual. And so began a 25-year career path in therapeutic massage and energy healing. Stefanie also has over 14 years of experience as an instructor of massage, including massage techniques, anatomy, pathologies, communication, business, and marketing. Learn more about Stefanie and her practice at