South Pomfret, Vermont
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Terra Sigillata Ceramics

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to make and use terra sigillata to decorate and finish your ceramics.

Terra sigillata is an ultrarefined clay slip that allows you to get a high satin gloss on your ceramics without a glaze. Come discover techniques and materials used by the ancient Greeks and Romans! On Thursday, Justin will take you through historical and contemporary uses of this technique and teach you to make the base terra sigillata. On Friday, he will lead you through the steps to obtain the terra sigillata and measure and color it. You will have time to practice application techniques on your pots.

Please note the different times on each day of this class: Thursday September 26, 6-7:30pm, and Friday September 27, 6-9pm

Prerequisite: advanced ceramics skills. Each participant will need to bring a bone-dry cup and dish/plate. If this is not possible please contact the Ceramics Studio in advance. In addition, please allow two weeks for finished pots to be fired.

Justin Dillenback studied Studio Art at Wheaton College in Illinois. He taught ceramics and ran a studio for two summers at a youth camp in Northern Wisconsin. Justin now lives in Woodstock, VT and has been working at Farmhouse Pottery as a studio potter since September 2018. He has more recently been dedicating time to researching and exploring terra sigillata and other techniques to develop surface depth in his personal ceramic work.