South Pomfret, Vermont
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Technical Throwing Skills: Teapots

This is an intermediate to advanced wheel throwing class.

In this session you will learn how to make cups with saucers, teapots and explore the Japanese idea of wabi-sabi.  This will be a project-based class with a new technique introduced each week. You will begin with cups and saucers, which is a great opportunity to practice using measurements.  We will explore how to throw saucers and shape handles.  We will look at different examples of teapots and think about how shape and size affect the use and personality of each pot.  A teapot is particularly complex because it has a rounded body, handle, spout and lid.  Together we will work on these different parts and learn new techniques.  If time permits we will make tea bowls in the wabi-sabi tradition before glazing in our last class. 

One open studio visit is included with this class.

Laura White has been working with clay for over ten years and is still amazed by how much there is to learn and explore! While in college she practiced all types of hand building, throwing, sculpture and firings. She has taught functional pottery and slab work to adults. Laura has her own line of work and sells it at farmer’s markets and craft fairs.