South Pomfret, Vermont
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Stop-Motion Animation

Make an animated movie, one frame at a time!

Create your own movie using stop-motion animation! Working in small groups, you'll construct 3-D characters and sets with found objects and materials such as wire, wood, fabric, newspapers, and recycled household objects. Using a video camera you'll animate your story one frame at a time. When the shooting is done, record sound effects, music, and voices for an original soundtrack. Show off your final productions to friends and family on YouTube.

Meredith Holch has taught animation to Vermont kids for over a decade. Her own animation has screened at the Museum of Modern Art, NYC, The Exploratorium, SF, the National Gallery of Art, DC, and in numerous international film festivals. Her work has been broadcast on PBS and community TV stations throughout Vermont and NYC. She brings the same passion to teaching that she does to her independent filmmaking.