South Pomfret, Vermont
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Intro to Clay Sculpture: Sculpting on Armatures

Plan and construct an animal on a steel armature

In this ceramic sculpture class, participants will be introduced to the technique of solid sculpture with clay onto a steel pipe armature. This process allows for dramatic gestures in clay through the support of steel pipe, tin foil and wire. After construction is complete participants will cut apart, hollow and reattach their sculptures in order to preserve the gesture through the firing. 

In the post-firing stage, students will experiment with cold finishes and be exposed to more experimental ways of finishing ceramic work.

One open studio visit is included with this class.

Jackie Padich received a B.F.A. in Ceramics and a B.S. in Visual Arts Education from SUNY New Paltz before moving to Vermont in 2018. Jackie’s undergraduate studies were heavily focused on coil-built ceramic sculpture, culminating in a body of work deeply inspired by flora and fauna imagery in connection with the human experience. Jackie was afforded the opportunity to intern with Beth Cavener in Helena, Montana for a month in 2018.  There she learned methods of building solid on metal armatures and hollowing pieces to create increasingly complex and dynamic work. Jackie is also invested in a utilitarian pottery practice at Shackleton Thomas, where she apprentices with Miranda Thomas in Bridgewater, VT. In that practice she is cultivating her skills in wheel throwing, sgraffito decoration, and brushwork.