Small Works 2021 & Cup Show

Our annual exhibit of Small (art and craft) Works in Artistree's Community Gallery.

Miniatures by Amy Schachter // Pottery by Amanda Ann Palmer

Holiday Small Works Exhibit & Cup Show

November 19 - December 22, 2021

Gallery Hours:
Tues - Sun | 10am - 6pm  (closed on Nov. 24/25)

Come celebrate the holiday season with artworks and fine crafts perfect for collecting and gift-giving!

This year's SMALL WORKS exhibit includes submissions by area artists, as well as Artistree's annual 50x50 display (50 artists / 50 square inch panels). Sales for 50x50 pieces will be held via a silent auction. Also, this year is our second annual Cup Show! Local ceramicists have created a collection of cups, mugs, and other drinking vessels to display and purchase. 

Auction of 50x50 panels goes live Friday, November 19th., at 10:00am and will end on December 11th., at 6:00pm.  Click here to visit the silent auction site!

Mugs by Fiona Davis


Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 10:00am - 6:00pm during the exhibit.

Nov. 19 - Opening Day 10 am -6 pm

Nov. 24 & 25 (Thanksgiving) - closed

Jodie Apeseche

Deborah Sacks

Katie Roberts

Karuna McLaughlin

Pat Macri

Berna Donlon

Peter Neri

Rick Hearn

Abigail Castriotta

Melanie Gregory

Lynda Knisley

Amy Schachter

Ellen Phillips Soroka

Angie Follensbee-Hall

Anna Pauly

Christine Hawkins

Sarah Wesson

Jill Amato

Jane Quimby

William Sharpe

Beth Stanton

Jyl Emerson

William B. Hoyt

Jocelyn Randles

Deborah Kidwell

Jennifer Tobias

Margaret Lampe Kannenstine

Kathryn Peterson

Lynn VanNatta

Nira Granott Fox

Alice L Eckles

Karen Chalom

Elizabeth Leone Holmes

Richard Gombar

Robert J O'Brien

Paula Cloudpainter

Marilyn Syme

Sue Schlabach

Sue Schlabach

Carole Niclasse

Charlet Davenport

Sonja Olson

Kip King

Richard Cofrancesco

Don Kalfus

Paige Hiller

Kimberly Hargis

Steven Dushan

Michael Sacks

Jo Levasseur

Janet Cathey

Deborah Hanson

Dee Hopping

Della Snyder Thompson

Robert Burchess

Petey Becker

Kathleen Fiske

Alexa Tsouknakis

Scott Jaynes

Wayne Thompson

Sloane Dawson

Finnie Trimpi

Lily Hinrichsen

Evelyn Zoecklein

Kate Arslambakova

Shannon Wallis