South Pomfret, Vermont
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Sensory Garden Primer for Teachers

This hands-on class is for educators wanting to utilize the garden as a teaching tool.

Join us to learn how to design, install, and ultimately implement a placed-based curriculum for the sensory garden. A sensory garden is a self-contained garden area that allows visitors to enjoy a wide variety of sensory experiences. Sensory gardens are designed to provide opportunities to stimulate the senses, both individually and in combination, in ways that users may not usually encounter. This hands-on class is for educators wanting to utilize the garden as a teaching tool. 

The garden teaches us about relationships by stimulating the senses and encouraging observation, discovery and dialogue. We will use Artistree’s Sensory Garden as an interactive model for developing a garden as an outdoor classroom, to illustrate installation basics, and to practice creative exploration.

Using responses to participant questionnaires, Chris will help you 1) focus and refine your intentions for an outdoor classroom experience, 2) develop a blueprint for your individual process, and 3) guide you through exercises in the garden to get you started with its experiential learning potential.

Gardening experience is helpful but NOT essential.  All materials are included.

Participants will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Completion for 15 contact hours. Please check with your Local Standards Board for guidance.


Note: no class May 8.

Students will:

1) identify and focus the purpose of their proposed garden to satisfy an educational curriculum.

2) learn how to assess a garden site for basic infrastructure components.

3) participate in a hands-on mini garden installation at Artistree.

4) spend time as students in the sensory garden participating in a guided creative educational experience.

5) leave the class with a comprehensive handout outlining the process of designing and implementing the installation of a sensory garden, local resources and plant lists, as well as numerous sample activities and starting points for place-based learning within the garden.

Chris Jacobson is a longtime homesteader, artist, and educator living in Eastern Vermont. She is interested in fostering and illustrating relationships between people, their food, and the environment with reverence for all these things. Creativity is at the base of these interests and Chris thrives on using art and Nature as unifying languages. Utilizing her background in Environmental Engineering and Design, as well as diverse experience as an educator, Chris teaches art, gardening and food sourcing to the young and old and provides services and products under the name Earth Wind & Fiber and Polymath Paths LLC. Chris organizes people and projects in the Upper Valley for the purposes of community development and fortifying valuable connections. She spends any remaining time writing, spending time dialoguing with Nature, enjoying creative projects in the studio, and sharing time with her son. For more about Chris please visit her website.