South Pomfret, Vermont
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Relaxing into the Ordinary Magic of Now

Whether you're new to meditation practice, or a more experienced meditator, this short retreat will give you the opportunity to re-connect with yourself exactly as you are

Through the practice of mindfulness, we learn that much of our time is spent in being anywhere but here and anytime but now. We are trapped in a cycle of searching for a different now, a better now. Meditation helps us bring our mind and body together “on the same page.” We realize that we already have everything we need to relax and enjoy life, right in the palm of our hand. We all possess the confidence and resiliency to accommodate any situation that we face with wisdom and clarity. As we cultivate our practice of meditation, we learn to make friends with our mind, and it becomes a powerful ally instead of a constant nuisance.

Bruce McClelland studied theatre and movement in Paris, France in the 1970s under Etienne Decroux, the theatre master of the renowned mime, Marcel Marceau. He founded, directed and performed with theatre companies and schools in Boston and Montreal. In the 1980s he met Tibetan meditation master Chogyam Trungpa and began training with him under his worldwide organization, Shambala International. He was certified to teach and direct meditation weekend retreats in the 90s. Since 2015, Bruce has been teaching meditation classes at the Tuck School of Business, for the greater Dartmouth community and throughout the Upper Valley.