South Pomfret, Vermont
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Rainforest Fun!

Paint a rainforest animal, create a “rainforest in a jar,” make an anaconda and more!

From colorful poisonous dart frogs to beautiful toucans and exotic flower species, the rain forest is an important ecosystem abundant in plant and animal life.  Join this mixed media camp to explore this fascinating world. You’ll choose a rain forest animal to paint on your own 8x10 stretched canvas, construct a HUGE anaconda from recycled materials, create a mini “rain forest in a jar,” and more.  We’ll learn even more about this unique environment through many theme-related activities & games

Note: this camp does not run Friday due to the national holiday.

Monique Keller is a visual artist originally from the seacoast region of New Hampshire. She studied art at West Virginia University and is primarily an oil painter but has explored a number of mediums throughout her career. She is a Sunday school teacher as well as an art teacher, and Monique shares her passion for art with others whenever and wherever she can.