South Pomfret, Vermont
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Qigong for Optimal Health and Creativity

Enhance your vitality and maximize your health with the body, breath, and mind focus of Qigong.

Qigong, the “mothership” of all the Chinese movement/meditation arts, focuses on activating your inner natural healing medicine. The US government estimates that 80% of medicine goes toward treating preventable chronic diseases caused by stress. To reduce medical costs, enhance our body, mind, and spirit function, and reduce stress, we need to stimulate our qi, or life force energy.

Qigong easily readjusts our being to balance and transforms us. Our Qigong workshops help create our bright, wise witness mind that allows us to forgive, cleanse, clear, refresh, and reconfigure ourselves. A fresh flow of energy through our meridians naturally clears old stagnant energies, toxins, unhealthy emotions and is joyful, maximizing our health.

Integral Qigong movement/meditation arts we will practice are the Vitality Enhancement Method, Ten Phase Qigong, Seven Precious Gestures, and Spontaneous Qigong which stimulate qi and embody the profound principles from medical, Daoist, and Buddhist Qigong traditions.

Students should wear comfortable clothing and bring a notebook and pen. Class open to all levels of experience.

Lauren Potter is a Certified Community Practice Leader with the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi. She is a Certified Holy Fire III Reiki Master Teacher & Practitioner, a Certified Holy Fire III Karuna Reiki ® Master Teacher & Practitioner, and a Certified Jikeden Reiki Shodun Practitioner. Since 2015, as Adjunct Faculty, she has taught Reiki and Intro to Energy Techniques in the Massage Specialties Classes in Claremont, NH, and since 2017 at the Lebanon and Keene, NH campuses of the Community College System of New Hampshire. Lauren is also a Wellness Health Coach currently focusing on giving healing sessions, teaching, and coaching clients. For more information about Lauren, visit her website. []