South Pomfret, Vermont
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Process Painting

Join us to find new freedom to tap into your creativity, discover a deeper connection to yourself, and expand your artistic possibilities.

Imagine creating art from the inside out, without being told how or what to make. In process painting, we create art organically and focus on the experience rather than the finished product. Allowing ourselves to become immersed in the process relieves us of comparison and critique, and we begin to create not from a head space but a heart space. This place of freedom allows us to tap into our creativity, discover a deeper connection to ourselves, and expand our artistic possibilities. There are no mistakes. Our format will include an opening introduction, followed by extended facilitated painting time, and lastly a closing discussion with optional sharing. Everyone is welcome; no prior art experience required.

No class April 12 or May 10

Annie Moore has been an art educator since she was five years old and painted an amazing mural of sea lions on her mother and father's bedroom wall. This did not please her mother; hence her induction into the difficulties but joys of art education. When Annie was 18 she entered into serious art education for herself by studying at The California College of Art and at the University of California at Berkeley. She was lucky enough to be able to take a four-month painting tour of Europe in 1968. At the age of 21 she won The Best in the West Award for illustration in Western Advertising in California. This drawing of a cowboy inspired the Marlboro Man ads. From 1995 until 2019 Annie has taught art and painting in six different countries at international schools. Her most recent teaching experience was at Lyndsay Pinchbeck's school in Hope Maine, Sweet Tree Arts, where she offered a Process Painting class for adults and children.