South Pomfret, Vermont
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"Pianos for Peace" comes to Woodstock!

This past September, dozens of colorful pianos were available for the public to play and enjoy in several parks in Atlanta, Georgia, during the second annual Pianos for Peace festival. After the festival, all pianos were donated to schools, community centers, nursing homes, rehab centers and other organizations of underserved communities.

Founded by Syrian-American composer and pianist Malek Jandali, the festival aims to celebrate diversity and help engage people in civil dialogue.

Concert for a Cause: Malek Jandali will perform in the Hayloft at ArtisTree this Sunday, October 7th at 4pm.

"It is a true symphony for peace that celebrates our diversity. When we get to know our neighbors, we realize how much we have in common, and that leads to strength, peace and unity in our communities.” - Jandali

A local Woodstock teen, William Drebitko had the opportunity to hear Jandali in concert a few years ago and decided to get involved.

Q: How did you first hear or learn about Pianos for Peace?
William: I first learned about Pianos for Peace when Malek came and performed for my elementary school class at Woodstock’s Town Hall Theater several years ago. 

Q: What made you decide to get involved?
William: I was inspired by the great mission that Pianos for Peace is pursuing and decided that I wanted to be a part of it.  So, I decided to give a concert at the UU Church with donations benefiting Pianos for Peace. This led to a bigger event/idea, to bring Malek and Pianos for Peace here to Vermont.

Q: What can you tell us about the project piano here in Woodstock?
William: My family purchased a piano and asked Miranda Thomas to design and paint it because she has done work revolving around Peace for various organizations in the past (including the United Nations).  She has created Peace Bowls with doves on them for leaders around the world and I thought that those doves would look great on the Piano.  The design also features the logo for Pianos for Peace, a treble clef mixed with a Peace sign, and bass clefs shaped to look like hearts. 

Where will the piano be located?
William: The piano will be located on the Woodstock Village Green Saturday and Sunday, and my family is going to donate it to Scotland House, a new adult care/wellness facility in Quechee.

Q: How can other’s get involved?
William: People can get involved by visiting the piano on the green, Saturday, October 6 or Sunday, October 7, attending the concert at the Hayloft at Artisree on Sunday October 7th,  making a donation at or hosting their own event.

William will be opening for Malek Jandali this Sunday at ArtisTree’s Concert for a Cause. All ticket donations to benefit Pianos for Peace. Reserve Tickets.