South Pomfret, Vermont
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Painting in Egg Tempera

Discover the beautiful alchemy of painting with organic mineral pigments and egg yolk.

Egg tempera is an ancient paint medium that dates back to the Egyptians and reached a peak in popularity during the Renaissance. Today egg tempera is gaining favor in painting practice and is the perfect medium for creating luminous original paintings. Working with the beautiful alchemy of organic mineral pigments and egg yolk, students will discover dozens of ways to work with egg tempera including color techniques, applying glazes and scumbling, and articulating fine details with various brush techniques. The class will cover all aspects of learning to paint in egg tempera: its history, making various types of traditional gesso panels, learning the specific characteristics of powdered pigments, tempering/mixing paint, and exploring multiple painting methods and options for finishing works. Participants are asked to bring personal ideas for paintings, whether abstract, figurative, landscape, or other.

Note: Expect that materials cost will average an additional $35-$50 (with some brushes available for use in class), and can either be obtained directly through the instructor ( for a simple egg tempera pigment and board kit, or purchased separately from the materials list (provided at registration).

Keri Wiederspahn is an artist, teacher and iconographer. After receiving her BFA in sculpture from Parsons School of Design in New York City, Keri founded the Creative Hands Art Studio and Atelier Gallery in Madison, NJ, providing both a gallery for emerging artists and innovative fine arts training to over 2,000 children and teens for fifteen years. She more recently has pursued Christian Russian-Byzantine iconography, studying for a decade under the late renowned Russian iconographer Ksenia Pokrovsky. Her icons, created through Iconeye Studio, have been exhibited in galleries, churches, and museums throughout New England and in private collections internationally. She is currently working with master iconographer Dr. George Kordis on Writing the Light, a new program of contemporary iconography painting in Athens, Greece and in the US. For more information about Keri, visit her website