South Pomfret, Vermont
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An afternoon performance of original music by Sonny Saul

Join us for this energetic two-part concert featuring original pieces from the Ocalan Suite.

Join us in the Hay Loft for an energetic performance and concert with 15 musical artists!

Join us for an energetic and inspiring two-part concert featuring the original musical compositions of Sonny Saul’s Ocalan Suite, performed in accompaniment with 15 guest artists! Sonny composed this four-part suite as a dedication to political prisoner, Abdullah Ocalan.
Ocalan was captured in 1999 by the Turkish government, and has subsequently spent his life incarcerated on remote Imrali Island near Istanbul - including 10 years in solitary confinement. While being imprisoned, Ocalan, the founder and leader of the militant Kurdish rebel party, PKK, has undergone a personal transformation in his understanding of effective conflict resolution. During his decades long internment, Ocalan has written multiple books advocating for a peaceful resolution to the conflict within the border of Turkey. In fact, Ocalan’s writings have not only revolutionized Kurdish politics, but have also influenced political thinking world-wide.
With this unique listening experience, Sonny Saul hopes to bring attention to the ideas of Abdullah Ocalan, as well as the topic of unjust imprisonment, the struggles of the Kurdish people, and the inspirational women-led political revolutions taking place in Northern Syria today.


Musical Artists
Erik Dorfman - Rap artist
Tracy Penfield - Dancer
Danelle Sims - Flutist
Kathleen Dolan - Flutist
Ali Dagger - Flutist
Bill Cole - Multi Instrumentalist
Glendon Ingalls - Trumpet
Peter Concilio - Bass
Quincy Saul - Bass Clarinet & Clarinet
Sierra Winand - Oboe
Pete Michelenie - Drums
Mark van Gulden - Syria Drums & Vibes
Luette Saul - Vocalist
Sonny Saul - Piano (Composer)