South Pomfret, Vermont
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Notes from the ecopsychological expressive art work-bench: Solstice Turning Point



Notes from the ecopsychological expressive art work-bench: Solstice Turning Point       

Just passed, the Winter solstice invites us to stand still and reflect on connections of ourselves in the larger universe.

As part teacher, counselor, artist, I take such times in earnest. For a number of years, I actually intentionally took a month off from making any art or projects to this end.

These days, many responsibilities prevent such measures. However, I posit that taking short moments of quiet reflection with the creative process and in being nature can provide such rejuvenating inspirations sought at such pivotal times.

Photography is the key modality for this conveyance.


























Finding quiet places may take some hard work, snow boots and dogs are welcome companions, and usually a special place can be found not too far away.


Solo time needs to be balanced with community space as well. 

It’s helpful to allow oneself to let the creative process go a little bit when searching for reflection and direction while being supported by others.

I might have done this a bit much in my last process, but with others it seems almost anything is possible while in safe creative space.

























A growing amount of my work consists of collaborative processes. In reflection, much of these processes have been animal based- horses in fact.

 Having not grown up being a horse person, to my surprise, a lot of meaningful connections have organically developed this year thanks to Moon Rise Farm (DJ Jesser LISCW,   Moon Rise Farm





















Words are still hard to come by to describe how powerful this kind of relationship can be working with horses, people, and art.

I have found several modalities of art pertinent to my and other’s connection to the horses; such as drums, photography, drawing and painting. 

The horses operate so directly from the heart as a herd, helping one another including us –together, without judgement or resentment, and can quickly unveil the true nature of one’s self. It has been an honor to work with them and DJ. I hope to continue this artful collaboration further this year.



Whatever you like to do, maybe it’s time to try something new with a friend – even a furry one.


Take advantage of the cold weather, throw some colored boiling water in the air and see what happens, my family did:



And when you’re done, take the time to entertain the simple things this year…like Daisy the new puppy playing happily with a cardboard box while I write this entry.


Happy returns until the next solstice.


Ben Fox LCMHC intermodal ecopsychological expressive art therapist & art educator at ArtisTree 

All photographs by Ben Fox ©ArtisTree Community Arts Center
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