South Pomfret, Vermont
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Nature Journals

Bind your own nature journal and venture outdoors for sketching, collage, and watercolor.

Journaling and spending time in nature are activities known to promote physical and mental well-being. Through the act of observing and recording nature we are able to slow down and notice subtleties in our environment and within ourselves. Join us as we create and bind our own journals with unique nature-printed covers. The coptic stitch used in the binding allows journals to lay flat, and the hard cover makes a sturdy surface for working outdoors. With our bound journals we will venture out to explore various sketching, collage, and watercolor techniques. This class draws inspiration from the books The Nest: An Artist’s Sketchbook by Maryjo Koch and Drawn to Nature by Clare Walker Leslie.

Anne Stiebing is a fiber artist and educator holding a BFA and MAT (Masters of Arts in Teaching) from Maryland Institute College of Art. She has taught art for over 10 years in public schools, non-profits, and private organizations. Anne collaborates with her husband John Kelley, a jeweler and artist in his own right, using materials from the land. Anne specializes in working with found materials, and uses birch bark, wood, and vines in basketry and book making, as well as plant materials and found objects in paper making, natural dying, jewelry, and sculpture. She achieves visual harmony between materials and elements in her work, and a conceptual balance between materials and processes.