South Pomfret, Vermont
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Music Theory 102

Dig deeper into the practices and possibilities of music in our level 2 class.

Join us for our level 2 class in music theory. We will review and expand upon the circle of fifths, scales, & chord structure, modes, and how chords and melodies work together. This is a fun, relaxed, and low-pressure way to add some insight into, and enhance, your playing. Bring an instrument if you like. The class will hold mini-sessions during each meeting for playing together and simple improv.

Mark van Gulden, Music Director at ArtisTree, is a musician living in Barnard and working throughout the state and the Northeast. Specializing in vibraphone and percussion, Mark has a BFA in Music Performance and Composition from Johnson State College. He has worked in Vermont as a freelance musician for many years, playing concerts and club dates, and has been involved with multiple recording projects. Mark enjoys developing an exciting, vibrant, and accessible music program for the Upper Valley community.

IMPORTANT: The health and safety of our visitors and staff is our #1 priority. If, due to circumstances beyond our control, it becomes necessary for Artistree to close its doors this fall, any in-progress classes will move to an online format.  Our instructors and patrons will keep in mind that a transition to virtual learning is a possibility. Artistree will issue no refunds or credits for classes that cannot continue to run in person and must move to a virtual platform.