South Pomfret, Vermont
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FULL Music and the Wild

Let’s explore the wilds of nature to see what music is out there!

Birds, crickets, wind, rain, leaves...the sounds of these are part of the music of nature, the music of the wild: the plants, animals, air, and more that weave their sounds into an awesome musical background that accompanies us through life.  Join in the fun while we explore the sounds of nature by hiking in the Artistree fields and woods, listening to music, watching videos, and making nature-themed instruments that we use to make wild music together.

Mark van Gulden, Music Director at ArtisTree, is a musician living in Barnard and working throughout the state and the Northeast. Specializing in vibraphone and percussion, Mark has a BFA in Music Performance and Composition from Johnson State College. He has worked in Vermont as a freelance musician for many years, playing concerts and club dates, and has been involved with multiple recording projects.  Mark enjoys developing an exciting, vibrant, and accessible music program for the Upper Valley community.