MUD (season)

An exhibit of works by local artists interpreting and inspired by the theme: MUD

An exhibit of works by local artists interpreting and inspired by the theme: MUD

The MUD exhibit runs in the Pomfret Gallery from March 27th to May 30th.

ArtisTree Gallery invites you to join us for a celebration of our most cautiously optimistic season. Area artists will exhibit a variety of works - some anticipating the warmth and color to come; others reflecting on the familiar, spare landscape of recent memory; but especially those works in the here and now - and the...MUD. 

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Exhibit Dates: March 27-May 30

Gloria King Merritt

Elizabeth Ricketson

Chris Jacobson

Charlet Davenport

Sarah Wesson

Lynn VanNatta

Sheryl Trainor


Dan Gottsegen

Gil Perry

Rae Newell

Jyl Emerson  SOLD

Jyl Emerson

Patricia McDonough

Laura Graveline

Paula Cloudpainter

Wayne Thompson

Paula Cloudpainter

Della Thompson

Karuna McLaughlin

Megan LaCroix (W.U.H.S.)

Maya Aziz (W.U.H.S.)

Cathy Finnegan

Randall Gardner

Randall Gardner  SOLD

Jennifer Dembinski

Top - Meridian Joy-Piper (W.U.H.S.)

James Murray

Alan Jacobs

Willow Carr (W.U.H.S.)

Madelyn Trimpi (W.U.H.S)

Lynn Graznak  SOLD

Katie Roberts

Charlie Hamlin (W.U.H.S.)

Novah Conway (W.U.H.S.)

Genevieve Morel (W.U.H.S.)

Sloane Dawson

Anna Pauly

Molly G. McDermott

Margaret Lampe Kannenstine

Emily Burkholder

Judy Callens

Fiona Davis

Sarah Sprague (W.U.H.S.)

Deborah Goodwin

Maxine Hugon

Carol Kichel Bellew

Steven Holt

Jason Mills

Madison Niez (W.U.H.S.)

Owen Aidri Spann (W.U.H.S.)

Gail Barton

Judy Laliberte

Karen Rodis

Mon Kaczyk

Debra A Kraemer

Robert Burchess

Denise Marie Letendre

Linda Treash

Marilyn Syme

Kip King

Peggy Brightman

Jo Levasseur

Jo Lavasseur

Berna Donlon

Keith Burnor

John Bieling