South Pomfret, Vermont
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Meditation for Kids!

Meditation can be full of imagination, movement and joy!

Did you know meditation doesn't have to be done sitting still? Did you know you don’t always have to clear your mind? Meditation can be full of imagination, movement and joy! 

Come learn the basics of meditation while having fun, playing games, and making art! Through a partnership with Creative Lives, kids will discover what inspires them, learn how to stay focused and begin what can become a lifelong practice! 

In this class participants will be guided through developmentally appropriate meditations and contemplation exercises. We will play some familiar and fan favorite games, all the while underscoring how our ability to focus improves our performance and mood! Put it together with creative activities that take our inner lives and put them on the page through poetry and painting. This class will make meditation fun and engaging for kids of all ages! 

Tatum Barnes is the Director of Youth Programs at Creative Lives. He received a fellowship to help create a character and life skills education curriculum for elementary school students and teachers based on Ellen Tadd’s Framework for Wise Education.  In addition, Tatum leads enrichment programming for youth and spearheads Creative Lives’ partnership with the Hartford Recreation Department’s Summer Camp Ventures. Tatum will also help supervise Creative Lives’ emerging Youth Fellowship Program which supports Upper Valley teenagers in creating and delivering framework-based enrichment for youth.

A New Yorker by birth and New Englander by temperament, Tatum has been a youth worker and teacher for the past 10 years through classroom and out-of-school teaching, tutoring, mentoring, and meditation facilitation. As part of his experience, Tatum has helped youth develop their character, gain social-emotional skills, and consider their responsibilities to themselves, others, and the natural world.

Recently, he received his Masters in the Psychology of Education with a concentration in Spirituality from Teachers College at Columbia University. Tatum is excited to be in Vermont to further immerse himself in nature, share his passion for holistic and contemplative education, and empower the youth of the Upper Valley.