Local Color 2020

A perennial favorite among Artistree's group exhibits, Local Color celebrates the sights and colors of Autumn through 2-D and 3-D artworks.

Come enjoy local artists' interpretations of this iconic Vermont season. Local Color is an exhibit showcasing the many pleasures and colors of Autumn, interpreted through many different media, including painting, photography, mixed-media, sculpture and ceramics. This show is one of our most popular exhibits for "locals" and visitors alike.

Opening Day reception Friday, October 2nd at 11:00
Any questions please email gallery@artistreevt.org

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Sunday 11:00am - 5:00pm. 
NEW! - Thursday evenings until 7:30pm
*Please wear facial masks and maintain social distancing when you visit the gallery.

Opening Day reception Friday, October 2nd starting at 11:00 AM
Questions? - please email gallery@artistreevt.org

William B. Hoyt

A.S. McGuffin

Jocelyn Randles

Judy Callens

Ira White

Deborah Hanson

Barbara Ambach

Samuel Neustadt

Brenda Siemer

Sue Schlabach

Angie Follensbee-Hall

David W. Stearns

David W. Stearns

Janet Cathey

Petey Becker

Katie Roberts

Della Snyder Thompson

Robert Burchess

Alice Abrams

Jane Land

Lynn VanNatta

Joann DiNicola

Jack Carter

Paula Cloudpainter

Rick Hearn

Sarah Wesson

Gil Perry

Jennifer Dembinski

Kimberly Hargis

Kip King

Sarah Breisch

Margot Sappern

Stephanie Mobbs Deady

Anna Pauly

Peggy Brightman

Karen Chalom

Alice Eckles

Nira Grannot Fox

Eileen Vaughn

Charlet Davenport

Barbara Abraham

Jennifer Tobias

Karen Fellows

Karuna McLaughlin

Tom Platner

Della Thompson

Gail Barton

Beth Stanton

Kate Reeves

Judy Laliberte

Kathleen Fiske

Jo Levasseur

Jane Quimby

Katrina Mojzesz

Katrina Mojzesz

Elizabeth Ricketson

Laura Ewing

Gaal Shepherd

Humberto Ramirez

Scott Jaynes

Monica DiCarolis

Alice Breisch

Judith Taylor

Chris Jacobson

Amy Schachter

Margaret Lampe Kannenstine

Emily Burkholder

Richard Gombar

Laura Graveline

James Murray

Brena Colt

Rae Newell

Grace Pejouey & Evan Williams

Valerie Watson