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Laura Mazon: "The mysteries of the Classical Guitar"

Be transported in time and space and inspired, and amazed about the song and history, as we celebrate Cuban Culture with Cuban-American musician Laura Mazon.

Is not an unknown the beauty, intimacy and the strength that the guitar, as an instrument, has. I have been a magnet for innumerable souls looking for expression. It's malleable sound, can bring out the joy, the sorrow, and all the feelings in between, evoking diverse states of the soul. But a lot remains unknown about the incredible possibilities and repertoire of the classical style of guitar.

Born in Spain, this style of playing takes the instrument to new highs and explores sonorities unknown. It is the ultimate journey into what an acoustic instrument can bring, create, deliver.

Curious? You should be, by now. If you want to be transported in time and space, inspired, and amazed, about the song and history of this style, come to my concert.

I am Laura Mazon, a conceptual guitarist, a visual musician who envisions music as images and stories. Art is my perspective of life. Committed to break boundaries and expand the audiences for the classical guitar in the 21st century, I am a music storyteller, engaged with contemporary tendencies and crossover experiences.

Come to see me; you won't be disappointed.


Internationally awarded guitarist Laura Mazon Franqui is one of the most outstanding and promising artists in South Florida who envisions music performance as part of a wholistic Art expression. She is a very active artist, committed to innovation and a performer who is dedicated to the development of the classical guitar field in Miami. Laura is consecrated to the study and expansion of the guitar in the 21st Century, seeking to break boundaries between the popular (electrical/acoustic) and the classical styles, and to take the instrument to a higher level of reception to new audiences and generations. Innovation and Art integration are the words that drive her as a mission.

Laura holds a Master of Music degree from the University of Miami and develops as a professional classical guitar performer, as well as a guitar professor at the University of Miami Frost Preparatory Program.

Recently awarded with the Hispanic Scholar Recognition as well as Second Prize at the International Guitar Festival of New Orleans ( being the first student in the history of the Miamian Institution to receive an international honour in the guitar field), Laura focuses her intentions now on the production and launch of her debut CD as well as the creation of her non-profit: GuitarGirls.

Since age ten, Laura has been an active guitarist, participating in numerous master classes with some of the biggest names in the guitar industry (Leo Brower, Manuel Barrueco, Victor Pellegrini, Victor Rodriguez, Meng Su, Martha Masters, Adam Levin), performing at hundreds of venues around the world in countries such as Cuba, Spain, Ecuador and United States and engaging in numerous recording collaborations.

In her quest to expand horizons for the classical guitar, Miss Mazón has offered concerts at numerous renowned scenarios around the US such as Mid-Manhattan Library at NYC, Fiorentino Community Center at Harvard, Vizcaya, Etra Gallery, Clarke Recital Hall, Koubeck Center, Coral Gables Museum, and Miami Conservatory of Music Recital Hall among others.

 Laura is a recognized member of the IASMPL and the American Musicological Society, the Guitar Foundation of America and the FGF.

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