South Pomfret, Vermont
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ArtisTree's Daily Artists 2020

Come join the Daily Artists group! Beginning on February 1st we will commit to create art each and every day for the year of 2020!

The Daily Artists is a loose group of artists who share a drive to work at their craft everyday, whether it's a quick sketch or all day in the studio with a large canvas. The point is to keep up a daily art practice, big or small. All are welcome to participate and join in. You can share your work online with the Flickr group; and if you like, participate in the occasional Art Share, an evening potluck showcasing 3 artists from the group.

The year (which, for the Daily Artists, begins February 1) concludes with an exhibit in the Artistree Gallery in South Pomfret. Artists may use a portion of the space to show a selection of their efforts from the past year.

If you are interested in joining or to find out more, please contact Adrian at