South Pomfret, Vermont
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Jewelry Boutique

Create jewelry, accessories, and decorations with beautiful, natural materials.

Join in the magic of creating jewelry, accessories, and decorations with some of our earth's magnificent stones. We will explore using natural materials such as semi-precious stones, leather, and feathers to create various projects using the techniques of beading and wire wrapping. Learn how to assemble jewelry and discover the special properties of certain stones, allowing you to create pieces and projects with specific purpose and intention. Find inspiration in other jewelry artists and in nature and then broaden your focus to make other fun creations from similar materials like wind chimes, wall hangings, and more.

Claire Kawski has been a part of the ArtisTree community since June 2016. She has loved getting creative in her visual arts classes and summer camps, as well as in her exploratory movement class Freedom to Move. Claire received her art education from Wheelock College in Boston, and she now works as the art teacher at the Montessori Children's School in Hanover, NH. Whether teaching children or adults, Claire loves to inspire her students to make creative decisions of their own and to push the boundaries of imagination.