South Pomfret, Vermont
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It's a ruff life working at Artistree. I'm still trying to understand my role here as it seems to be quite complex. I'm still even trying to understand my name. I think my name is Daisy, but this crazy lady in the office calls me Sweetie, Darling, Daze, Pumpkin and Poophead. 

As far as I can tell, I'm the "Girl Friday" at Artistree. I have many responsibilities.

I'm a receptionist, ready and waiting to greet you.

From the very beginning, I was leading the way, escorting people to staff meeting.

 I wipe faces clean. I prefer to clean up graham cracker residue. Snot residue... not so much!

I wipe down the walls.

I even clean out the trash. Interestingly, this is when that crazy lady calls me Poophead. She says, "at least you're cute!"

I'm always waiting, ready to serve.

Fig is my absolute best bud. We get lots of play time together.

My mommie and daddie take me to Artistree every day. They wink at me and say that I need to work to earn my keep. 

I guess I'm okay with that. They love me lots and I get good treats and hugs. It's just that I work so hard and I get so dog tired.

Like I said, it's a ruff life at Artistree, but I'm finding ways to cope.

Yours truly,