South Pomfret, Vermont
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Intro to Academic Drawing

Learn to sharpen your attention to proportion, light, and accuracy via this time-honored method.

Drawing for the hardcore! Academic drawing is a time-honored method to sharpen students' attention to proportion, light, and accuracy via a series of surprisingly manageable steps. Students learn to construct an incredibly lifelike drawing step by step by copying a 19th century Bargue drawing of a plaster cast- you can even choose the same exercise that Picasso did back in his student days! The process is intense and time consuming, but rewards patience with a tremendous capacity for skill-building.

A supply list will be provided upon registration.

Katie Runde is an artist, a musician, and an instructor. She has a master's in Religious Studies from the University of Chicago and still loves to dig into juicy books on theology, ritual theory, linguistic relativity, and folklore/mythology. While contemporary realist painting is her day job, by night she reemerges as a woodwind doubler in pit orchestras and a sax player in the local dance band The Party Crashers. For more information about Katie, visit her website