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Enjoy In the Box Entertainment: REMOTE CONTROL WITH MAX MAJOR

He controlled Heidi Klum’s mind on Zoom. Simon Cowell called him a “demon'”. He has performed astonishing feats on stages from Las Vegas to New York to London, and now he’s bringing his mind-bending illusions into your home!

In the true spirit of 2020, we are pivoting to events as they unfold. The incredibly talented mentalist for our upcoming REMOTE CONTROL, Max Major, has made it through to the semi-finals of AMERICA’S GOT TALENT. Very exciting for Max! While his performance on AGT won’t conflict with our show, we learned that NBC has set new policy and, due to COVID, he is unable to leave the Hollywood studio and remain in the competition. This means he is no longer able to perform on our original show dates in September. However, our show will be his FIRST live performance after his incredible success! 

Not only have we rescheduled his upcoming shows, we also have twice as many dates for you to choose from! (See dates, below)

Mentalist, Max Major, showcases his shocking ability to get deep inside strangers’ heads, even from a distance, in Remote Control: A Virtual Mindreading Experiment. He has performed astonishing feats on stages from Las Vegas to New York to London, and now he’s bringing his mind-bending illusions into your home! His appearances on the TODAY show and America’s Got Talent, as well as dozens of viral videos have stunned millions across the internet.

You'll take part in this ground-breaking LIVE Show from the comfort of your own home, where Max will literally get inside your head through the screen. With an uncanny ability to predict thoughts and control the actions of others, this “real-life Sherlock Holmes,” leads at-home audiences through an intimate and fully interactive journey – together they discover the power of virtual connection made possible through hypnosis and mentalism.

The intrigue kicks off before the show even begins when each participant receives a special package in the mail – the contents of which cannot be revealed until Max gives the word…

The purchase of a single "ticket" gives you, your friends and family (or whomever you choose to share your device screen with in your home) an opportunity to participate in this entertaining and jaw-dropping performance together!

***This performance is family-friendly and fun for all ages.***

The new dates for REMOTE CONTROL with Max Major are:

Thurs, Oct. 1 @ 8pm EST - SOLD OUT
Fri, Oct. 2 @ 8pm EST - SOLD OUT
Sat, Oct. 3 @ 8pm EST - SOLD OUT

Fri, Oct. 9 @ 8pm EST - SOLD OUT
Sat, Oct. 10 @ 8pm EST - SOLD OUT
Sun, Oct. 11 @ 8pm EST - SOLD OUT


How it works.

  1. Choose a date from above
  2. Purchase a ticket for your household
  3. Receive your box in the mail before your showtime. (*Tickets purchased less than 5 days in advance of the event, are not guaranteed to receive your box in time.)
  4. You will receive a zoom link in the box. Tune in to the online meeting space at 8 pm on your showtime date.
  5. Gather with your friends or family and be entertained!

Email Ashley at with any questions!

What Is An IN THE BOX Show?

All of our shows are ticketed live performances that entertain you from the comfort of your home. And all shows include an interactive mystery box mailed to your door prior to the event.

It all starts when the box arrives at your doorstep. It’ll sit on your kitchen counter for days, leaving you wondering: 

What’s in the Box?

But Seriously, What’s Inside?
We can’t tell you or it’ll ruin the fun.