South Pomfret, Vermont
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Homeschool Classes

Homeschool classes connect artistic learning with subjects required for home study in VT. Families will receive photos and/or videos, learning updates, and a certificate of completion that can be included in children’s course of study portfolios.

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Looking for a special gift? An ArtisTree Gift Certificate is your answer! Give the gift of ART!
Get inspired…and dirty!… with art in the garden.
Come explore fiber arts with a literary twist!
Join us for cross-curricular explorations in natural science, art, literature, and the great outdoors!
Discover the pleasure of working with clay and develop hand building and wheel throwing skills in our ceramics studio!
Join this fun group for some playtime and lunch with fellow students.
Create exciting projects as you learn the basics of woodworking.
Learn about weaving while you design and create your own “portable vessel!”